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Discover how Marico implementing a clear objective-based campaign planning process.

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How Marico achieved effortless campaign planning after implementing a clear objective-based planning process


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Marico Limited is one of India's leading consumer goods companies providing consumer products and services in the areas of health, beauty and wellness.

What was the situation before Qoruz?

Marico’s brand marketing and corporate communications team was working with multiple vendors for Influencer campaign deployments across several of their brands. Each of the influencer agencies employed different metrics to evaluate influencers across different platforms.

The Problem

Since Marico was working with multiple vendors who employed different metrics, there was a lack of uniform standards to gauge and predict ROI based on expenses.

The Brand team at Marico realized early-on that the future of influencer relationships will be steered at head via macro and micro influencers, however the numerous influencers in this segment of the Influencer pyramid, Budgeting Vs ROI prediction balance had become a worry.

What was the Solution applied?

Marico Product Solution

A combination of influencer profile analysis, outreach and performance analytics was implemented by influencer marketing platform Qoruz.


Qoruz’s account success team worked with the team from Marico, to establish a clear objective based planning process that involved a comparison scale before every campaign deployment which made it easier for them to plan their campaigns.

Marico could align Influencers with their brand goals to find Influencers who matched their needs and feasibility.

Custom lists

The next step for Marico involved the shortlisting of influencers based on the set parameters. Custom lists of influencers were created for them to use in current and future campaigns. The lists were created based on cost, category, or any criteria desired by the brands.


Qoruz also helped analyse the price of the Influencers and plan and allocate the budget for the same.

A comparison table featuring approximate performance metrics and costs of the influencers were provided. The process included ROI prediction at every influencer level, when looked at an optimized plan as a whole.

Qoruz is quite a simple and easy to use platform and has been very helpful in planning our influencer outreach campaigns, by putting together the right plans and identifying the right people to work with.

Sophia Christina Manager Brand PR & COPCOM @ Marico

Why you should use Qoruz:

Campaign Return On Investment

Qoruz provides a comparison table featuring approximate performance metrics and costs of the influencer for your campaign. You can optimize your ROIs and compare and choose influencers who fit your campaign criteria based on goals.

Audience Engagement Ratio

View audience engagement metrics such as views, comments, likes, and more alone with the daily engagement graph. Go deeper into audience insights with data on location, age group and gender and more. You can learn more about your audience, gather valuable data on what content works with your audience, explore new audiences and learn how to engage them.

Marketing Team Efficiency

Identify individual influencer performance, evaluate a post’s content quality, optimize content strategy by seeing what content works for your audience and track the ROI from influencers.

Qoruz is an influencer marketing and intelligence platform, that enables superior influencer discovery, quick and easy influencer outreach. This is the official site of DATRUX SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED.


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