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Learn how Bare Anatomy successfully built an analytical approach to Influencer Marketing.

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How Bare Anatomy successfully streamlined their campaign process by building an analytical approach to Influencer marketing.


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Bare Anatomy is a next-gen personal care and beauty brand for women. The brand wanted to explore new and innovative ways to diversify its consumer base and hence they ventured into Influencer Marketing. Before Qoruz, they were mostly doing influencer campaigns in-house with the help of a few agencies to discover influencers.

Business Challenges

Influencer discovery and reachout

Since consumers tend to ignore the noise and clutter across social media, one of their challenges was to identify strong and vibrant influencers who resonate with their target audience. Identifying the right influencers for them was a tedious task. Finding influencers, getting their commercials and vetting them manually is a near to impossible task. These tasks take a lot of time, and some of them like finding the right influencers and their commercials, cannot be completed easily and accurately without the help of a platform.

Campaign Planning:

To optimise their campaign planning process, Bare Anatomy wanted clear analytics to do a deep dive into an influencer's profile before adding them to their campaigns. One of their other challenges was to gather accurate analytics of the influencers manually or via agencies. This led to a delay in their campaign planning process. Without the right software, tasks like these are hard to do- reviewing influencer metrics, evaluating them based on engagement, audience analytics, past brand associations etc.. cannot be completed easily and accurately. To carry out a data-driven influencer approach, in-depth influencer analytics is a must-see for successful influencer campaigns.

Qoruz x Bare Anatomy: How the match works!

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The Solution

Qoruz helped Bare Anatomy create a data-driven approach to identify influencers who are the right fit for their Target Groups.

From Influencer discovery, contact information and analytics, Qoruz helped Bare Anatomy streamline its campaign planning process by building an analytical approach to Influencer marketing. They were also able to automate many tasks which led to the speeding up of their campaign planning process.

Qoruz has been helpful for us to use a data-driven approach to identify influencers who are the right fit for our TG. We are glad to be able to use the tool for building an analytical approach to influencer marketing. Also, shout out to the account managers for their support.

Aman Killa Chief Of Staff, Bare Anatomy.

How we can help you!

Real-time Campaign monitoring

Qoruz can help you analyze live data for quicker decision-making. Keep track of your campaign’s progress both in terms of published content, performance metrics, and exhausted budget.

Audience Analytics

With Qoruz you can learn more about your audience, gather valuable data on what content works with your audience and learn how to engage them.

Track content performance

Qoruz helps identify the performance of individual influencers and evaluate the quality of the content posted. You can optimize the content strategy by seeing what content works for your audience.

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