Influencer Marketing Proposal Template

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Convincing clients to opt for influencer marketing requires your utmost effort.

No matter how much you convince prospective clients about influencer marketing and its benefits, the call ends with, “Please share the proposal template to decide further.”

Preparing the proposal from scratch consumes most of your time. It’s the template that can help you kickstart the proposal presentation.

Your proposal presentation should vary from client to client to ensure the client feels the proposal template is personalized.

The following focuses on the what, why, and hows of the influencer marketing proposal template.

What Is an Influencer Marketing Proposal?

An influencer marketing proposal presents the plan for a potential collaboration between a brand and an influencer.

The proposal outlines the campaign's goals, the target audience, the type of influencers to be involved, and the strategies that will be employed to achieve the desired results.

The proposal is typically prepared by an expert who understands the nuances of influencer marketing and can identify the best influencers for a particular brand or product. The two categories include:

  • Agencies and third-party vendors pitching influencer marketing to their clients (brands).
  • In rare cases, even a brand marketer who wants to try influencer marketing in-house prepares a proposal to convince their superiors.

Why Send Influencer Marketing Proposals to Brands?

Influencer marketing proposals provide a fair share of benefits to every stakeholder involved to clearly understand what it's about and how the process works.

The main benefit includes how proposals help them prove their expertise.

Showcase Expertise

As an agency or influencer marketing expert, you have the knowledge and experience to create a successful campaign.

Sending a well-crafted proposal demonstrates your ability to identify the right influencers, create engaging content, and track the campaign's success.

The expertise you showcase helps brands feel confident in your abilities and more likely to collaborate with you for influencer campaigns.

(Benefits whoever sends the proposal - Agency, Third-party Vendor, or Brand Marketer)

How to Draft an Influencer Marketing Proposal?

As an influencer marketing professional, you know that creating an effective proposal is key to securing successful collaborations.

The following tips for drafting a compelling influencer marketing proposal:

Sender’s Information

Start your proposal by introducing the agency/vendor/brand.

You can include a brief overview of your experience in the industry and any notable clients you've collaborated with in the past.

Establishing credibility from the outset can help build trust with the brand and make them more likely to consider your proposal.

If you're a brand marketer, you can add information about the type of campaigns the brand does, its setbacks, and how influencer marketing can help overcome them.

Goals Influencer Marketing Can Help Achieve

After your formal introduction, start the presentation with the goals influencer marketing can help the brand achieve.

This could include brand awareness, improved engagement, higher sales & conversions, or even building a community of loyal customers.

Outlining the potential benefits helps most brands realize how influencer marketing can fit into their broader marketing strategy.

Highlight Competitors Performance in Influencer Marketingt

Mentioning the competitors' success creates a FOMO for most marketers and urges them to opt for influencer marketing.

You can include examples of how other brands in the same industry have successfully used influencer marketing to drive ROI or metrics that show the impact of previous campaigns.

Propose a Well-known Influencer as a Sample

You don’t have to work without getting paid by finding the relevant influencers for the brand during the proposal stage.

But at the least, you can provide top-performing influencers from the same niche to help clients foresee how they can perform.

Or the type of content that can be created for their brand and audience actively engage with.

Try not to go overboard; speak about one or two influencers, their content, and the audience matching the brand's target demographic and why you think they're a good fit for the campaign.

In addition to providing a sample profile, you can take a step ahead in presenting your clients with the category of influencers and the social media platform you’d like to focus on for the upcoming campaign.

This should help them foresee the benefits of preferring influencer marketing.

Add Success Stories

As a final touch, include success stories and testimonials from your previous clients to provide social proof of your capabilities.

Include metrics that demonstrate the success of these previous campaigns and how they align with the brand's goals.

You could also include one or two testimonials from note-worthy clients to build the trust factor. Testimonials are user-generated content and hold great value.

Templates to Make Your Influencer Marketing Proposal Easier

Now that you have an idea of how to draft an influencer marketing proposal, here's a template to get started:

proposal template