Influencers Shape a ₹90,000 Crore Diwali Market

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How Do You Currently Run Influencer Campaigns?

Discover Evolving Trends in Influencer Marketing

21% uptick in influencer collaborations in the last 2 years.

As the festive season approaches, understanding the impact of different influencer categories on business outcomes is crucial. Streamline collaborations effectively for better results.

What to Expect?

  • How do micro and nano influencers redefine fashion engagement?
  • Why Bengaluru is the epicenter of home decor influencer campaigns?
  • Why do micro-influencers surpass celebrities during festivities?
  • How do brands reduce ad costs ingeniously?
  • One-month blueprint for a stellar influencer campaign this Diwali
  • The magic of regional content for smaller city audiences.

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