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QORUZ VS Unbox social


Qoruz helps you run effective influencer marketing campaigns that drive sales and increase brand recognition, taking your brand to the next level.

FeaturesQoruzUnbox social
Free Version availableyesyes
Free Trialyestooltip-iconyes
Dedicated Supportyesyestooltip-icon
Large influencer Databaseyesyestooltip-icon
Influencer Audience Insightsyesyes
Pricing Transparencyyesyes
Search by influencer demographicyestooltip-iconyestooltip-icon
Hyperlocal influencersyesno
Verified Influencer contact infoyesno


the power of influencer marketing for your brand with Qoruz!

  • Explore Influencer Profiles With a Vast Database

    With a vast influencer database, brands can explore numerous options for their influencer marketing campaigns. This lets brands have an opportunity to test different types of influencers for different campaign objectives. For instance, macro or mid-tier influencers are perfect for brand awareness, while micro and nano influencers are better for lead generation.

  • Run data-driven campaigns

    Qoruz offers over 30+ categories to find influencers, making influencer discovery easy. You can use bio, keyword, and hashtag-based searches to find influencers that match your brand's specific needs. With Qoruz, finding influencers is easier than ever before.

  • Contacting Influencers Directly Saves Time

    Directly contacting influencers is the holy grail for brands. With direct contact, brands now can avoid the wait times on influencer’s social media DM and there are no chances of miscommunication between the brand and influencer. Moreover, brands get an opportunity to form good relationships with influencers, leading to effective influencer campaigns.

QORUZ VS Unbox social

4 Reasons to Use Qoruz Rather Than Unbox social

Reason 1
Reason 2
Reason 3
Reason 4


From location and demographics to cost and follower count, Qoruz provides an array of options to ensure that your search for influencers is made easy and the right influencer is found.Unbox Social offers brands to find influencers from limited categories, location, gender, and followers. The limitations make it challenging for brands to explore influencers and find the right influencers.

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Key ConsiderationsQoruzUnbox social
Audience based searchyesyes
Category based searchyestooltip-iconyestooltip-icon
Demographic based searchyesyes
Keyword based influencer searchyesno
Cost based searchyesno
Curated list of influencersyesno
Follower growth rate to identify bot followersyesyes
Validating influencers credibilityyestooltip-iconno

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Qoruz is an influencer marketing and intelligence platform, that enables superior influencer discovery, quick and easy influencer outreach.
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