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QORUZ VS Traackr


From advanced discovery tools to real-time reporting, Qoruz is the ideal choice for brands seeking success in influencer marketing.

Free Version yesno
Free Trialyestooltip-iconno
Dedicated Supportyesyes
influencer Databaseyesyes
Influencer Audience Insightsyesyes
Influencer Search Flexibilityyesyes
Platform Pricing Transparencyyestooltip-iconnotooltip-icon
Actual Cost of Influencersyesno
Campaign Reportingyesyes


the power of influencer marketing for your brand with Qoruz!

  • Verifying Influencer Credibility with Qoruz Score

    Qoruz score is an influencer credibility verification that brands can use to make informed decisions when choosing influencers to work with. The Qoruz Score considers an influencer's follower count, reach, engagement, quality of content, and audience demographics to provide a comprehensive rating that helps brands find the right influencer for their campaign.

  • Faster Influencer Turn-Around Time

    Qoruz platform is updated with the influencer's cost and contact details. Brands can quickly find and contact influencers, as well as get their campaign up and running in a short amount of time. This helps brands maximize their campaign impact and achieve their goals on time.

  • Real-time Campaign Tracking

    Qoruz's real-time reporting allows brands to track campaign performance live and compare historical and present data. Clear ROI metrics and access to team members in the dashboard help make informed decisions for their future campaigns.

QORUZ VS Traackr

4 Reasons to Use Qoruz Rather Than Traackr

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Qoruz offers unparalleled discoverability for brands, helping discover the right influencers for the campaign objectives. The vast influencer database and curated lists make finding even the top-performing influencers in a particular niche easy.Even with the vast database of influencers, Traackr fails to provide brands with the validation of the credibility of the influencer. The manual addition of influencers to the platform still prevails, making it challenging in the discoverability phase.

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Key ConsiderationsQoruzTraackr
Audience based searchyesyes
Category based searchyesyes
Curated list of influencersyesno
Follower growth rate to identify bot followersyesyes
Validating influencers credibilityyestooltip-iconno

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