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Qoruz helps you run effective influencer marketing campaigns that drive sales and increase brand recognition, taking your brand to the next level.

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the power of influencer marketing for your brand with Qoruz!

  • Category search simplified

    Influencer category search makes the process of finding the best fit of influencer for your brand 10 times easier. You can search for influencers according to your brand’s unique need from over 100 curated categories list. The curated list also comes in handy while looking for influencers who are otherwise difficult to find.

  • Run data-driven campaigns

    Always move ahead with data on your side with Qoruz’s detailed influencers analytics and choose influencers based on the metrics which actually matter according to platforms. And view live reporting of the influencers once the campaign is live, and never second guess your decisions.

  • Be double sure with qoruz search

    Quickly glance at the influencer’s performance through the Qoruz score and always double sure before collaborating with a creator. Qoruz score is very useful while working with many influencers simultaneously, as it ensures you collaborate with quality influencers.


4 Reasons to Use Qoruz Rather Than Grin

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Qoruz's diverse influencer database, unlike Grin, makes it easier for brands to find influencers who meet their unique needs in terms of size (nano, micro, macro, mega, celebrity) and creator categories.

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