Top 10 Automotive Websites  In India

Car is a style statement for many. Let’s just say the car is the bigger toy everyone would like to own and upgrade as technology improves. 

There are multiple factors to consider when buying a car. 

However, many might need help from experts to guide them in the right direction or just as reassurance. 

These days when research is considered, referring to websites  for information is common. Thanks to technology opening many options for people to refer to. Here are automobile websites  and experts who would give their genuine and honest opinions on automobiles. 

Automotive websites : Fueling our passion across the world

The following list of the top 10 Automotive websites  in India is given below

Wheels Guru – Shahnawaz Karim

Wheels Guru is the complete automotive blog that provides all the related information, like two/four-wheeler launches, vehicle comparisons, and much more. The aim is to share the information with their readers to make decent buying decisions.

Burn Your Fuel – Kamalhasan TN

Kamalhasan TN has posted on Burn Your Fuel mostly about the latest story on machines: the motorcycle & the car. This automotive blogger primarily covers every automobile brand in the Indian Market. 

You can also know about the latest news in the Auto World in both India & around the world. It can be anything Motor Shows, Cars, Motorsports, reviews & not to mention the regular beauties as well.

Bike Advice – Saad Khan

Saad Khan has been with Bike Advice since the beginning. He is an avid biker by heart & is into software by profession; machines have been a part of his life for a long time. 

This blog is one of the top automotive blogs in India & the best thing about this website is that it is user-friendly. The blog also offers spy shots, scoops, news, reviews, etc.

Motorbeam – Faisal Khan

The main aim of Motorbeam automotive blog is to provide accurate & honest news, analysis & reviews of Indian automobiles. They provide you with the bike & car updates in detail. 

It covers everything from two to four-wheelers, including bike road tests, car road tests, video reviews & comparisons of cars & motorcycles. There are monthly magazines & community forums.

Motor Octane – Rachit Hirani

This automotive blogger has cars in his blood, as his family has been part of the automobile industry for decades. Cars are his childhood love & they can be visible on his Motor Octane blog. This automotive blog is the best stop to get reviews, views & news from the automobile industry. 

It mainly focuses on bike & car enthusiasts & solves their problems whether they are looking for a new purchase or looking to stay updated in the automobile industry.

Rush Lane – Sagar Patel

RushLane is a chief source of bikes/car reviews & news. The USP of his automotive blog is that he provides honest & unbiased reviews on the automobile industry. Most of the readers on the blog are investors, executives & enthusiasts.

Indian Autos Blog – Shrawan Raja

Shrawan started Indian Autos blog in 2008, with his main aim to spread awareness about the automotive industry. This automotive blogger gets 10 million visitors per year, all of that organically. 

The blog features new launches on its homepage & also a thorough review of the car (which features a performance test & the features you should look for).

Car Blog India – Rohit Khurana

Rohit Khurana is the person behind This automotive blogger is the fastest-growing blogger in the automobile industry, plus it is also among the top 3 automobile websites in India. It also covers motorcycle & car reviews, news, comparison & features.

India Car News – Vikas Yogi

He started his journey working as a content contributor and developed an interest in the automobile industry. He launched India Car News with his two partners. 

He is rated as one of the top auto influencers in India by Comscore. This automotive blogger is not only limited to news but also brings new car & bike reviews, comparisons, FAQs, scoops, buying suggestions.

Gaadiwaadi – Gaurav Yadav

Gaurav Yadav is the founder of This automotive blogger has been an enthusiast towards automobiles since his childhood. The website was launched in 2013, and the main aim of this website was to provide neutral automotive news, reviews, analysis, and comparisons. They are one of the most trusted online automotive news sources.

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