How to generate leads through Instagram?

The estimated growth of Instagram in the coming year is predicted to be 25%. Currently, 2 billion users are active on the platform. This means by the year 2023, 2.5 billion people will use Instagram. This staggering growth is proof that Instagram is an excellent channel for generating leads.

Additionally, users on average spend 29 minutes of their time on the platform on a daily basis and 90 percent of them follow at least one brand page. This implies that people are interested in the behind-the-scenes of their loved brands. 

Instagram is also a great place for purchasing, most people agree that Instagram has played an influential role in their purchase decision-making.

It is evident enough that it is necessary for businesses to prioritize Instagram to generate leads. But there is a lot of competition and you need a proper strategy to win the Instagram game for your business.

Here are some top tips for your business to generate leads on Instagram

#Paid ads

Instagram is the hub for paid ads and the platform provides you the freedom of creativity while choosing the type of ad you want to run for your business. Here are a few types of ads you can get inspired for your next campaign.

Photo ad 

This type of ad help when you want to communicate straight forward or attract the attention of your audience about a certain product. It consists of a call-to-action button that directs to your website or your IG account. The ad appears organically in the feed with a “Sponsored” label in  the corner.

Carousel ad

Carousel ad is very similar to the photo ad but better. Carousel ad gives you the option of including up to ten pictures or videos in a single ad and each of them can lead to a different URL or location.

It also appears organically in the feed with the “sponsored” label in the corner. Carousal ads are perfect when you are confused about which picture to use for an ad.

Video ad

Video ad is as simple as it sounds. The video will appear in the feed organically with the label “sponsored” in the corner. It can be as long as sixty minutes but it is advised to choose a video that is short and crisp and delivers your brand’s message.

#Great Bio 

An elevator pitch-style bio on Instagram might help you make a good first impression on your audience. Your profile bio will be used by every prospective customer that looks into your business. Additionally, by clicking the link, leads have another opportunity to contact you and engage with your business. Therefore, do your best to develop a relevant bio, and don’t undervalue this powerful tool. Use these tips to create a great bio.

  1. Using brand name

When someone visits your profile, this is the first thing they see. Make sure users can find you by using the name of your company as your account name. Put it in the first part of your username if the name isn’t already taken.

  1. Adding a relevant profile picture 

Your profile picture will undoubtedly catch your client’s attention. Make sure the image is consistent across all platforms your brand is present to avoid unintentional brand association with an irrelevant picture. Use a professional photo that is of excellent quality to bump up the aesthetic.

  1. Choose your category wisely

The category is visible next to your name and enlightens about the services your brand provides for example if you are a cosmetic brand you should choose “product/services”. Sometimes the category that describes your brand might not be available but it keeps on getting updated. In that case, keep an eye on it and update it as soon as it gets updated

  1. Description is important

It serves as the foundation of your Instagram bio. People can learn from this information what makes your brand distinctive and what makes it stand out. You have 150 characters to introduce users to your brand. Use keywords to give your description extra value. They are useful for your target audience even though they have no bearing on Instagram searches.

# Hashtags and links

These two are very important marketing tools as they help expand your brand’s reach without much effort. So incorporate them into your strategy and use them smartly in your brand’s ad, story, and bio. 

#Influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing without a doubt is one of the best marketing tool and has been proven to generate leads. But it can be overwhelming to start. The major problem with influencer marketing is finding influencers that are relevant to the brand, who can deliver the brand’s message promptly and drive sales. Also working with influencers can be expensive and small D2C brands do not have large marketing budgets.

Using an influencer marketing platform can help combat this problem as it filters relevant influencers according to the brand’s needs. And helps find influencers that fit into your marketing budget. 

You can try Qoruz  for free to explore influencer marketing for your brand. The smart filters help you find the perfect influencer for your brand under your budget. 

How do you generate leads on Instagram? We would love to learn from you, let us know in the comment section below.

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